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Mindbody Resources

I put together a list of resources to help you learn more about the mindbody approach to chronic pain and its role in modern pain science. 


As a primer on how our pain system works, check out Dr. Schubiner’s series of short animated videos: 

Introductory Video

#1 What Is Pain?

#2 The Brain Creates Pain

#3 Predictive Coding

#4 How to Determine the Cause of Chronic Pain

#5 How to Reverse Chronic Pain

#6 All MRI's are Abnormal

More Videos:

'Why Things Hurt': TEDx Talk by Prof. Lorimer Mosely

Changing Your Mind: Chronic Pain and The Brain

"Pain, Brain, and your amazing Protectometer", Prof Lorimer Mosely


"DIMs and SIMs", NOI Group

"Flippin' Pain' - Arthritis, Public Health campaign, UK


'Pain Brain' - documentary about the Boulder back pain study

'This might hurt' - documentary, follows the work of Dr. Howard Schubiner

'All the Rage' - documentary, about Dr. John Sarno's work

"The Wisdom Of Trauma", Gabor Matè

"Heal" - documentary




The Way Out” by Alan Gordon

“Unlearn Your Pain” by Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD

"Unlearn Your Anxiety and Depression" by Dr. Howard Schubiner, MD

“Hidden From View”, Allan Abbass, Dr. Howard Schubiner

“Psychophysiologic Disorders”, Dr. David Clarke

“A Diagnostic Guide for Psychophysiologic Disorders”, Dr. David Clarke, et al

"Explain Pain" EbookNOI Group, Moseley and Butler

"Explain Pain 2nd Edition eBook", Lorimer Moseley & David Butler

"Painful Yarns: Pain Stories and Brain Training"NOI Group, Moseley and Butler

“ Healing Back Pain” by Dr John Sarno, MD

“The Divided Mind” by Dr John Sarno, MD

“They Can’t Find Anything Wrong” by Dr David Clarke, MD

“Back in Control” by David Hanscom, MD

“Why Do I Hurt” by Adriaan Louw, PhD

“Freedom From Fibromyalgia”, Nancy Selfridge, MD

“The Body Keeps The Score”, Bessel van der Kolk

Free Online Resources

Coursera: "The Reign of Pain", a 15-hour free pain course by Dr. Howard Schubiner

PRT Wiki, Pain Reprocessing Therapy

TMS Wiki, 42-day educational program


'Tell Me About Your Pain'

'Like Mind, Like Body'

The Cure for Chronic Pain by Nicole Sachs

Other Resources

The Curable App - Please reach out to me if you you'd like to get a FREE 6-week trial of Curable

Research Papers & Articles

The Boulder Back Pain Study: Effect of Pain Reprocessing Therapy vs Placebo and Usual Care for Patients With Chronic Back Pain

Psychological Therapy for Centralized Pain: An Integrative Assessment and Treatment Model

Psychophysiologic symptom relief therapy for chronic back pain: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Shape shifting pain: chronification of back pain shifts brain representation from nociceptive to emotional circuits

Chronic pain is surprisingly treatable — when patients focus on the brain; The Washington Post 

Symptoms and the body: Taking the inferential leap

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