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open the door to a pain free future. TMS

Your body is not broken!
Most chronic pain is reversible!

What does Mindbody Coaching look like?

As a certified Pain Reprocessing Therapy practitioner, I focus on helping you live a pain-free or symptom-free life so you can get back to doing the things you love.  


Via weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, I help clients from around the world overcome mindbody conditions using pain neuroscience education, Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET), Psychophysiologic Symptom Relief Therapies, somatic mindfulness, and other tools and techniques such as self-hypnosis, NLP, and breath work.

In our time together, you will learn about the brain's danger-alarm system and understand what actually drives your symptoms. With that new knowledge under your belt, I will teach you how to recategorize your symptoms as safe, normal sensations that your brain has merely learned to mistake for a threat. You'll acquire and practice skills that calm your nervous system to get you out of chronic fight or flight and downregulate your symptoms step-by-step.


In between sessions, I'm available via text messaging and email, so you'll never feel like you're going it alone. When you're ready, you will leave coaching with a clear plan for relapse prevention and tools and strategies to handle setbacks (yes, setbacks will happen - you're human after all).


The skills you'll learn here will serve you for the rest of your life.  

Simone Holderbach. Integrative Mindbody Therapies. Pain Recovery Coach. TMS

If you're interested in learning more about me or what coaching with me would look like, I invite you to schedule a quick phone call or video chat with me. That way you can determine if my approach makes sense to you and if we are a good fit.


This 20-minute consultation is completely free. I promise to give you my honest assessment and best recommendation even if that means not coaching with me.

Coaching Fees 
- an investment in your health and well-being

I do not believe in pre-designed coaching packages of a fixed number of sessions for pain coaching. Each journey is vastly different and depends on many factors. I'm here to support you for as long you need me. 


Therefore, I charge by the session/hour. My hourly rate is US$ 150 (as of 11/2023). 

Please note that the first session is 90-120 minutes long and includes a pre-session workbook and a neuroplasticity assessment. I offer it at a special rate of US$ 225. 

Each session typically lasts an hour. Some clients prefer longer sessions. 

While not mandatory, I recommend committing to at least five weekly sessions.

This gives you enough time to understand the latest pain science and how it applies to your situation and learn and practice the techniques to help you reduce and eventually overcome your symptoms. Fewer than five sessions are often less effective, as this approach represents quite the paradigm shift for most people, and it can take some time to wrap your head around and see the process unfold.

That being said, it often takes longer, sometimes considerably longer, than five weeks. You are in charge of how long you want to coach with me. Once clients feel good, strong, and empowered to go it alone, they often choose to space sessions further apart (bi-weekly or once a month) or continue with weekly 15-minute check-ins for accountability and trouble shooting. 

My program is not cookie-cutter, and I'm determined to figure out what works best for YOU.

Mindbody Therapies are an effective tool to help you recover from chronic symptoms.

First Session


  • Pre-First Session workbook

  • Neuroplasticity Assessment

  • 1 x 90-120-minute First Session

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions

  • Session recording



Mindbody Therapies are an effective tool to help you recover from chronic symptoms.

Single Session


  • 60-minute session

  • Email and chat support between coaching sessions

  • Assignments between each session

  • Short- and long-term goal-setting

  • Session recording



Mindbody Therapies are an effective tool to help you recover from chronic symptoms.

Accountability Check-Ins

After you have recovered from your pain or other chronic symptoms, I offer short weekly check-ins to keep the learned concepts fresh.

This is an invaluable tool for people who do well having an accountability buddy (and let's be honest, who doesn't?!). 

Billed monthly (US$160). Includes:

  • 4 x 15-minute check-in via phone or Zoom



Setting goals and getting support in reaching them with The MindBody Approach coaching.

How long is it going to take?


This is the second most common question I am asked (the first one is, 'Do you think my pain is neuroplastic?'). The answer is that it will take as long as it takes for you to break the pain-fear-pain cycle and to neutralize the fear around your symptoms. It's as simple and as complex as that.


For some people, this happens extremely fast, and they get better as soon as they understand how pain works and how their brain has misinterpreted safe signals coming from their body as dangerous. Other people take longer to grasp the possibility of their suffering being a mindbody condition, and we will be working longer on reinforcing the concepts, crushing doubts, calming anxiety, and increasing feelings of safety. Some people benefit from ongoing, regular check-ins after fully recovering. 


I'm here to support you in whichever form and however long you need me. That being said, my goal is always to get you better in as few sessions as possible. What you learn in this coaching will become an invaluable life skill you can repeatedly apply (and teach others). 

You are an ideal candidate for this work if...

  • You have been experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, or other chronic symptoms for more than six months.

  • You’ve seen (a) doctor(s) to rule out life-threatening underlying causes of your symptoms.



  • You are intrigued (not offended) by new ideas because you realize that Pain Reprocessing Therapy isn’t ‘woo-woo’ or new age: This is the gold standard, science-backed, evidence-based treatment method for chronic pain, and just because the mainstream medical system isn’t up to speed, doesn’t mean you can’t be.


  • You are ready to put in the work. This approach is simple, but it isn’t always easy. It requires daily practice and commitment.


  • You realize that healing isn’t linear. There will be bumps in the road. They are to be expected and part of the process.


  • You understand that I can’t heal YOU, but that you can heal yourself, equipped with the right information, method, and mindset.


  • You are excited to become the driver of your own healing journey.


  • You are ready for more joy, energy, and fun.


  • You are ready to regain control of your life and live it pain-free.

For more information on neuroplastic pain and mindbody syndrome (TMS), please check out the 'How Pain Works' page and the 'Mindbody Resources' page. 

Is there any question I can answer for you?

Please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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