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Don't become a VOMIT, a Victim of Medical Imaging Technology

Every day, tens of thousands of patients worldwide become a VOMIT when imaging reports inform them of the horrifying news … arthritis, degenerative discs, disc bulges, tendon tears, etc.

Very few doctors mention that even when there are ‘abnormal’ findings on an MRI, they usually don’t line up with the physical symptoms.

Today we know that these abnormalities are NORMAL ABNORMALITIES that occur with aging. Just like wrinkles in our skin or greying hair.

A study published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that 64% of people with NO back pain have disc bulges, herniations, disc protrusions, or disc degeneration. Structural changes are normal and usually unrelated to pain.

A Swiss study confirms these findings after recruiting chronic back pain patients and seeing NO relationship between structural issues like disc degeneration/bulges and pain symptoms.

Medical imaging is vastly overused. It is a fantastic tool to rule out severe pathology such as tumors or an infection, but just a ‘finding’ in the vicinity of where someone's pain is located is not enough.

Educate yourself!

Those who become a VOMIT have been shown to have more doctors’ visits, longer lasting pain, more disability, and a lower sense of well-being.

Chronic pain is treatable!

There are many exciting new alternatives to surgery and injections and physical treatments such as Pain Reprocessing Therapy and others.

Don’t become a VOMIT!


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