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How can mindbody therapies or pain coaching possibly help you recover from pain?

How could a coaching approach possibly help overcome debilitating pain, you may ask?

Pain coaching is a relatively new category. Our medical world is still strongly hung up on the outdated biomedical model of pain, i.e., treating pain where it hurts with expensive procedures, physical approaches, or strong medication. If this approach worked, we would see the number of people in pain going down. Sadly, the opposite is true. Today, more than 110 million Americans suffer from chronic pain – that’s more than from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. And the numbers are rising. The good news is that modern pain neuroscience has come a long way. We now understand that there is more to pain than just the biology of our bodies. In reality, pain is a bio-psycho-social experience. EVERYTHING matters when it comes to pain: our bodies (to a surprisingly small extent), our psyche (what we think, believe, and feel), and our social environment (how much support we have, work environment, race/ethnicity, access to care, etc). This outlook on chronic pain offers us a new approach to working with the brain and thereby downregulating or eliminating chronic pain. And it doesn’t involve treating the location of your pain.

Via Mindbody Coaching I provide support and accountability and I help clients to 🧠 understand how pain actually works, why chronic pain develops, and what keeps it alive and often worsening over time. 🧠 understand the mind-body connection and how EVERYTHING matters when it comes to pain. 🧠 collect evidence of how much their own brain and the state of their nervous system affect how much pain they experience. 🧠 learn how to interrupt the pain-fear cycle. 🧠 acquire the skills to increase the feelings of safety, lightness, and positive sensations. 🧠 develop an individual step-by-step guide to gradually move you out of pain! 🧠 put together a toolkit for relapse prevention. 🧠 get back to doing the things they love and have missed out on for way too long! I draw on my experience as a manual therapist, registered hypnotherapist, certified life and mindset coach, and Pain Reprocessing Therapy practitioner to deliver evidence-based, scientifically proven mindbody therapies to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain. If you have any questions, please reach out via I look forward to connecting with you. And remember to always be kind to yourself!


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