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Fewer F's given!

The secret sauce to eliminating chronic pain and other persistent symptoms!

Most people respond to pain with alarm and the 6 F's as described in the infographic. For structurally caused pain, this makes perfect sense because it calls for immediate action.

However recent studies have shown that most chronic pain is NOT caused by structural damage in the body but by learned neural pathways in the brain. In these mind-body conditions, your brain has learned to misinterpret normal/safe signals from the body as dangerous, and it produces a pain output where none is needed.

Pain is pain, and ALL pain is real! But in the case of mind-body syndromes, the pain is unnecessary because it's caused by a false alarm. The great news about this paradigm shift is that you can retrain your brain to give fewer F's (literally), turn down the danger signals, and thereby reduce and even completely eliminate your pain!

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